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R-Hillzzzz...community style!!

What? What?

Rochesta Hillz!
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This is a community for those trapped in the Rochester/Rochester Hills area; so we can bond, hang out,
and make things a little less boring around here. Feel free to post pictures of your favorite R-Hillz
spots/events, news on stuff going on around here or just chat with other Rochesterians.

Rules and Fun Facts:
-Simply be courteous. And part of being courteous is using spell check (available in the "Rich Text" mode!).

-Please be from the Rochester Hills area/Rochester School District/Avondale School District or formerly
from those areas. Don't come in here talking about Juno, Alaska.

-NO SOLICITING!!! Please do not advertise for other (crappy) communities/websites or anything of that nature. It's
annoying and there's a good chance that no one will look at it. But, posting flyers for things such as shows,
bake sales, car washes (you know, general community stuff) is encouraged
. If you are soliciting, you will
first be warned; if you offend again, you'll be banished from r_hillz.

-ALL entries are screened in here. If a moderator rejects a post, you will always be sent a reason as to why.

-Don't be a creeper!!! No one likes stalkers, seriously. And this goes for Nate and myself as well, we don't like
people creeping into our personal journals. Although, he and I are so cool that we should have our own fan club.



Helpful Hints:
-To post in the community, go to the normal "Update" page, type the entry and when you are ready to post, there
is a scroll bar that says "Post To:" next to the "Update Journal" button at the bottom of the page. Use the scroll
button to select "r_hillz", press the "Update Journal" button, and you're set!

-To join this community, at the top of the user info page (the page you're reading right now!), there is a link
that says "To join this community, click here". It's as easy as clicking the link.

If you're having problems with another community member or something within the community is upsetting you,
PLEASE email me (caitastrophicbang@yahoo.com) and I'll take care of it as best as I can.

Ruler of the Community: Moderator Cait aquajiveturkey
Co-Ruler of the Community: Moderator Nate bup6518